Episode 50: Vin Diesel & The Blowfish

In which we talk about river cruising, not arguing with misinformed soccer moms, dining at Disney, and Guardians Week 2 drop and the future of Marvel and super hero movies.

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The Oink's story: http://oinksicecream.blogspot.com/2010/03/oinks-story.html?m=1

Mickey at Oink's, allegedly from the Contemporary Resort: 


The Jungle Cruise: http://youtu.be/jvTUBgxyT_A

Possibly the most famous former Jungle Cruise skipper, telling a terrible Jungle Cruise joke: http://youtu.be/UZXehYg-Xnw

Do your park & resort research at The DIS: www.wdwinfo.com

Is Vin Diesel poised for another Marvel role?: http://uproxx.com/gammasquad/2014/08/vin-diesel-facebook-inhumans-black-bolt/

Where was this classic on the "Awesome Mix Vol. 1???": http://youtu.be/fTeiBSiEA8M