Episode 60: Flavortown Springs

In which we discuss (painfully, for one of us) celebrity chefs, selling out, new restaurants for Disney Springs, Ernest P. Worrell and a fire on a Disney mountain!



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The Top 50 richest celebrity chefs: http://www.celebritynetworth.com/list/top-50-richest-celebrity-chefs/

Not ashamed to love this Guy: http://www.foodnetwork.com/chefs/guy-fieri/bio.html

Full Guy's Disneyland Christmas special (starts at 00:24 mark: http://youtu.be/D2RJz_w1Ddg

New restaurants coming to Downtown Disney / Disney Springs: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/travel/attractions/the-daily-disney/os-downtown-disney-springs-restaurants-20141027-story.html

Iron Chef Morimoto shoots the puck: http://youtu.be/-iEQBIFADI8

Matisyahu covers Disney's "Circle of Life": http://youtu.be/BgMnSFWkiWQ

Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain: http://youtu.be/NgliDOKoUK0

Michael Landon tours the Epcot construction site: http://youtu.be/sndgC2lVRXU

Fire on Mine Train Mountain (w/ video) : http://www.people.com/article/seven-dwarfs-train-ride-catches-fire-disney-world