Episode 61: Toys 4, Pirates 14

In which we discuss Toy Story 4, Pirates 5 (and beyond) and the need for sequels in general. We mention a possible Oscar hopeful's appearance in a Disney anniversary special. Plus we take a stroll to the EoS book shelf and discuss audio books and mispronunciations. 


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Toy Story 4 Announced: 

What we know so far about the next Pirates movie: http://www.latinospost.com/articles/40674/20141112/pirates-caribbean-5-release-date-cast-trailer-ansel-elgort-brenton.htm

Get ready for an ear worm "Fifteen years...we're havin' a party...": http://youtu.be/yh1xTvzCXq8

WDW 15th Anniversary Special w/ Bea Arthur & Betty White (and some fancy roller skaters right up top): http://youtu.be/kqq_R-EVFvw

Kraft presents WDW's 10th anniversary (feat Michael Keaton at 05:34): http://youtu.be/Kjo1IQbN5-4

The Men Who Would Be King: http://www.amazon.com/The-Men-Who-Would-King/dp/B005OLAL5E

The second book you should buy right now, Martin Short's "I Must Say": http://www.amazon.com/Must-Say-Humble-Comedy-Legend/dp/0062309528