Episode 5: Muppets & Whatnot(s)

Mentioned on the Show:

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The Phineas & Ferb: 
Mission Marvel trailer: http://youtu.be/stHZPQQyuJ0

Great interview about Mission Marvel with one of my heroes P&F co-creator Jeff "Swampy" Marsh: http://youtu.be/uZ6amy43Zj8

The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia: The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia

The trailer for The Muppets Most Wanted: http://youtu.be/Vcw2Aje5KU0

The awesome puppet finale of "A Taste for Love" from the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall: http://youtu.be/kd5lMDkvzvI

Dracula's Lament as performed on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson: http://youtu.be/k3SsYyTUu50

More on The Great Gonzo's Pizza Pandemonium Parlor from The Neverland Files website:http://www.theneverlandfiles.com/tnf/disneyworld/muppetstudios.php

Check out the Muppet Mobile Lab in action: http://youtu.be/1Lrm_CgQW4s

Build your own Muppet at the Whatnot Workshop: http://www.fao.com/whatnots/builder.jsp