Episode 178: Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2017 Review

The first part of my crazy 28 hour Orlando trip report. Join me for a review of my whirlwind culinary adventure at this year's Epcot Food & Wine Fest! Plus a brief update on the status of The Castle of the Castle, my YouTube channel, and, other things.

Episode 174: Monster Energy

A MobileCast in which Bart rants about yesterday's bull$#&%, laments the final day of The Great Movie Ride and Universe of Energy/Ellen's Energy Adventure, buys pizza for later, and lets you all in on a new challenge he's given himself that hopefully you'll be able to enjoy come Halloween. 

Episode 169:

A gripping 3 parter all in one, in which Bart details his most recent trip to Walt Disney World with his 6 year-old daughter. And yes, ladies and gentleman, this episode also marks the triumphant return (for now) of the EoS MobileCast!!!

Episode 157: I'm the bad guy

In which Bart discusses issues with Rainforest Cafe, why he likes Cars, Adam the Woo, and wonders why we can't have gators back now.

Show Notes:

Check out Adam the Woo's architectural tour!

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Episode 156: Rantastic & Musical

A MobileCast episode in which Bart remembers the fine work of Tia Carrere in Wayne's World, laments the ability to not know, reviews Moana, is unimpressed with the Death Star, imagines a Mummy Impossible, and lastly shares a somewhat creepy true Christmas story.

Show Notes:

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