Episode 142: A Wizard Celebration & A Real Shocker

In which Bart explains why he now loves 90's pop music, gets excited about A Celebration of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando, is annoyed that Disney altered Steven Tyler's fingers, and leaves you with a little something different.

Show Notes:

Get your 90's alt-pop on at http://www.summerlandtour.net/

Is Steven Tyler really making an obscene gesture at minute 1:14 of the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster preshow video?

The official A Celebration of Harry Potter announcement from Universal Orlando!

The best Disney's Magical Express Welcome (and departure . . . whatever) video ever!

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Episode 141: Pontoon Brain

In which Bart returns from a week in the Wisconsin wilderness for an EOS MobileCast recorded over multiple car rides and days. From pontoon boats to weapons of wasp destruction to Disney villains, this one's all over the place friends!

Episode 139: The Rainforest has chicken and beef, but no fish

In which Bart gets hot, makes ADR's for Disney, dreams of eating with (and maybe sleeping near) Lady & the Tramp, and looks forward to breakfast with monkeys at Rainforest Cafe - but worries about the absence of fish.

Show Notes:

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See the kids at EARS2YOU have a Disney Withdrawal Day here!

Check out the $24 bacon & egg sandwich when Girl Meets Neverland has breakfast at Be Our Guest here!

That time the fish tank burst open at T Rex in Downtown Disney - see it here!

Episode 137: Banana Cream

In this Monday Morning MobileCast, Bart reveals his Ilvermorny house, how bananas and milk take him back to days of "hippy music", is grossed out by strange soda flavors, gets emotionally invested in My 600 lb. Life, and finally ponders if he should risk being stinky for his health.

Episode 135: "Psyched"

A late-night episode (but at least it's not a MobileCast) in which Bart discusses Aussie comedian Jim Jefferies, why he's no longer a fan of Captain Morgan, Frozen Ever After at Epcot and "fanboy" anger, and two quick-service food items he can't wait to try when he gets to Walt Disney World in September, all while inexplicably using the term "psyched."

Show Notes:

Check out DIS review of the Pot Roast Mac & Cheese and other specialties at the Friar's Nook here!

Visit the Disney Food Blog's reviews of the Specialty Burgers at Everything Pop inside the Pop Century hotel here!

Episode 134: The Guardians of CommuniCore East

An accidental MobileCast to discuss the latest rumor to come out of Walt Disney World - specifically a possible major development at Epcot's Future World. Is Ellen going the way of the dinosaur to make room for Groot? Will we here the sound of a million fanboys' heads exploding? We'll find out soon enough.

Show Notes:

The original story from WDW News Today here!

The story has also been reported on Slashfilm. The article includes a full-ride POV video of the current Ellen's Energy adventure. Click here!

Episode 131: Monday Morning MobileCast - Ride or Slider

Recorded on the way home from the Chicago Improve after seeing Bert Kreischer on Friday night/Saturday morning.

Show Notes:

Trailer for the NEW Season of Bert the Conqueror!

Check out funny comedian (and apparently lawyer) Paul Farahvar at www.paulfarahvar.com

Also check out the equally funny comedian Vince Carone at www.vincecarone.com

If you're in the Chicago-area, I highly recommend the Chicago Improv at Woodfield Mall- Schaumburg. See who is playing there here!

Episode 128: Car Wash

A Monday Morning MobileCast ON a Monday morning! Join Bart as he gets his car wash on, pines for hot lava, announces a new blog and his new career as a t-shirt magnate! And recommends a new favorite YouTuber!

Show Notes:

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Check out my new, non-Disney blog: www.dadlifeconfidential.blogspot.com

Go watch Chris Spokesmayne on YouTube! He's a fun dude and a big Disney fan! You can see his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvVESp2eb_CnFQea4iHZCWw

Episode 127: Best Sell Out

In which Bart reveals some exciting news, including when and where you might be able to catch him in the fall. Hint: It's in the middle of Florida, and has big mice. As well as writing a sequel (and maybe something new) and a new partnership!

Show Notes:

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Episode 124: Impressions de Leon: The Professional

A spontaneous MobileCast turns into a two-parter, in which Bart discusses digging dinosaurs, preschool teacher politics, and whether a Jetsons movie would still work. Then after a short 8 hour break, comes back with a bleedin' nose to talk about the new "bar" at Epcot's Canada pavilion, and what international celebrities should host new Circle-Vision 360 movies in World Showcase.

Show Notes:

My favorite dinosaur display from my childhood, located at the Milwaukee Public Museum.

The best scene in the 1998 Godzilla remake. "More cream."


Wanna get tanked and act all Canadian and polite?!? If you can't get to Epcot, check out where you can find Labatt's Bourbon Barrel Ale near you here!

Episode 123: Deep Purple (Farewell to the Prince)

In which Bart pays tribute to three lost celebrities this week; Doris Roberts, Chyna, and of course, Prince Rogers Nelson. Plus fast-casual Middle Eastern food, channeling Epcot, "setting the stage", and a quick strip to the EoS Library to discuss the literary works of Jimmy Buffett.