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When uninsured starving artist Court Stebeck is diagnosed with a rare terminal cancer, he hopelessly accepts it as a death sentence. Until a charismatic stranger, Dr. Harry Byrne, appears with an offer to save his life. Byrne claims his revolutionary drug, Andrasten, will cure his untreatable disease. As long as Court is willing to be a medical "pioneer." 

But like most medical trials, there are unforeseen side-effects. Court begins to experience new pains, strange growths under his skin, and an inexplicable hunger that takes over his entire body. The trail of carnage throughout the hospital that follows makes it horrifyingly clear that while Andrasten might be a miracle cure, but it's also the recipe for making a monster.

Originally conceived as one of three novellas to be included in my first horror anthology, I decided to release the stories individually as ebooks.

The first tale, Marrow, is available now for Amazon Kindle. To purchase, click here.