Think Walt Disney World is just for little kids? It's all flying elephants & princesses, right?


There's more than enough at WDW to keep the two-fisted, thrill-seeking, hard-drinking, meat-eating he-man of the house happy as a caveman with a mammoth rib.

In a book that's as much (or more) humor than travel tips, Bart Scott comes to the aid of moms and girlfriends everywhere with the only guidebook specifically designed to convince the football-watching, beer-swilling, couch potato they love that a trip to WDW will actually be FUN for them too.

Scott's the real deal—a real guy's guy, with big appetites, firm convictions, and a healthy disdain for pretentiousness in all its forms. He's also admits that even the toughest hombre's heart will melt when he sees his own little pirate or princess alike fall under the spell of Disney magic for the first time.

Ears of Steel is intentionally hilarious and often irreverent, but it's also an honest, straight-from-the-shoulder look at everything in Walt Disney World that keeps real men coming back, kids or not, to have an incredible vacation experience!

"Scott’s descriptions take the reader right into the action … His account of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror may induce vertigo." (Publishers Weekly)

"I just finished reading [it]… and I'm still laughing out loud. …This is a must read for WDW fans! Men and women alike will enjoy the good-natured humor." (Focused On The

Ears of Steel: The Real Man's Guide to Walt Disney World is in stores everywhere and available on, as well as for digital download on Kindle, Nook & iTunes. Or just click below!

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