I consider myself a manly man.  A guy’s guy.  I love football, hockey, beer, my family, cars, beer, a good steak, an occasional good cigar, beer, Walt Disney World . . . 

Yeah, that’s right.  I’m a grown man and I love Walt Disney World.  

Over the years I’ve heard numerous so-called “real men” discount Disney as "just for kids."  One construction worker I know refused to take his wife and kids to Walt Disney World.  She finally booked a trip without him.  Nice move, tough guy.  Around the same time I heard a macho comedian say “if my wife wants to take the kids to Disney World, I’d give her the credit cards and tell her to go while I stay home!”  Fathers of the year, huh? 

Sadly there are many guys just like them under the misconception there’s “nothing for a grown man” at Walt Disney World.  They picture singing dolls, flying elephants, and princesses everywhere.  They don’t realize Walt Disney World is a vacation destination built to entertain every age, gender, and testosterone level!  Nobody ever told them there’s golf, fishing, sports, great food, beer, high-speed thrills, and amazing spectacles even the "manliest men” love!  

The truth is I feel bad for these guys. They're cheating themselves, spending too much money (or not enough) on sub-par vacations.  With the right guidance, I know from experience they could be having the time of their lives, spending less then they probably think and doing more than they could ever imagine!


"Written for dudes by a dude (with tongue planted firmly in cheek) Ears of Steel: The Real Man’s Guide to Walt Disney World, written by Bart Scott is the funniest, manliest, straight shooting-ist travel book ever written on the subject!  Though promising not to be a "girly" travel guide, 'Ears of Steel' has a ball with macho stereotypes making it a riotous read for the ladies, but with enough sugary-coated sincerity to leave even the iciest lumberjack singing It’s a Small World!  

"An entertaining guidebook. ...The book is written from the point of view of a man’s man...channel Tim Taylor from Home Improvement and you have an idea of what you are in for." (The Geek's Library, Disney Geek.com)